Triple Chocolate Muffins

So, I owe you guys an apology. I feel like my last few posts have been unnecessarily negative. First, there was that rant about biking. Then there was that post detailing my despair about my house. 2014 doesn’t seem off to a great start, nope.

But there’s a silver lining here. After reading my house post, several of you guys reached out in the comments and via email to offer kind words and support. One 26-year-old girl from Minnesota wrote me an email telling me that I wasn’t alone and that my post had resonated with her since she was in the exact same situation herself. Another wrote that “nobody tells you when you’re buying a house that it’s just the beginning of the journey”, while a commenter also confirmed this: “The journey is not for pussies.”

Your kindness couldn’t have come at a better time for this blog. It’s no secret that I’ve always struggled with balancing my blog against other priorities like my job, my health, and time with friends and family… and that was before I added the crumbling house and landlord duties in August. In December, after the launch of my Christmas desserts ebook, I realized that something had to give. So I decided to cut back on the blog and therefore started the year by reducing my publishing to just one post a week.

And despite the fact that I had a more relaxed schedule, I found myself wasting that extra time. Although I initially used the additional time to deal with my roommates and various house errands, I often found myself running to the point of exhaustion much earlier than usual. I would then spend the rest of my spare time hiding in my room and staring at Pinterest and Tumblr trying to recharge. As much as I liked looking at pictures of the beautiful life I aspired to have, I knew something wasn’t right.

I had forgotten that baking and blogging was a revitalizing activity for me. After all, it was what I had turned to when I had been depressed in college, as well as when I was miserable in my finance job several years later. Baking has always been something that has stabilized me, giving me order and purpose in times when I felt like I had neither of those things. And now, in another time where I feel like I have no control, I decide to cut back on baking?! Silly me, no wonder I’ve been down and out. No other distractions can ever recharge me in the same way!

With that, I present to you these triple chocolate muffins:

I figured it was time to make my own version since I’ve always had a fondness for Safeway’s chocolate muffins. And yes, if you did a double take just now, I did say Safeway… as in Safeway the supermarket. I don’t know what they do, but they’re that good. I like to start off some of my mornings with a chocolate muffin from the Safeway across my office. Whenever I do, a good day always follows.

And I’d like to think that applies to my recipe in a greater sense. That is, let’s start the year off with these delicious triple chocolate muffins and just watch all the good things unfold. No more of this negativity and wallowing in my self pity, nope. Especially not when we’ve got these chocolate muffins carrying us through the rest of the year! I mean, they contain three different types of chocolate: cocoa powder, dark chocolate chunks, and semisweet mini chocolate chips. THREE TYPES OF CHOCOLATE. Of course good things are bound to come out of that!

And again, thank you guys, for your kind words and your understanding. Especially because these days, it’s not just the baked goods that are keeping me in check — it’s also you. Thanks for for reading this blog, and for all your support throughout the years.
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