Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake (Redux Recipe)

A year and a month ago, I posted this recipe for Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake on my blog. It was one of my absolute favorites — an incredibly buttery and moist buttermilk cake, soaked and topped in a buttery and sugary whiskey glaze. Unfortunately, I took the pictures before I had gotten the hang of my artificial lighting. The resulting images were oddly colored and didn’t do justice to the cake. I swore in my 2012 recipe roundup that I would remake this cake in 2013 to give it the pictures it deserved. And I’m just barely making the deadline, because here it is. My beloved Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake recipe from Vintage Cakes, but this time with beautiful pictures that capture the cake’s spirit.

I’m excited about this recipe for a couple of reasons. The first is that I rarely get to remake the recipes that I love — I guess one of the curses of food blogging is that I have to make new things each week for the sake of variety. But the second and perhaps most important reason why I’m excited is that this cake is absolutely delicious. I wrote in 2012 that it was one of the best cakes I’ve ever made, and I’m happy to say that my statement still holds true. So this is how I’m celebrating the start of 2014 — a party with this beautiful, boozy cake alongside of a couple glasses of neat bourbon whiskey.

Happy New Year’s, guys!
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