Jumbo Chocolate Chip CookiesHaute Dogs – The Chicago DogChicken MinestroneThe Snow White

Massive, sweet, and filled with huge chocolate chunks. What’s better than a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe? A classic chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s been enlarged. Good luck fitting these suckers into a glass a milk.   It’s no secret that I love chocolate chip cookies….Haute Dogs is in stores April 29th. Visit the Haute Dogs page at Quirk Books or head over to Amazon to reserve a copy now!   What’s your favorite hot dog recipe? Share it with us in the comments!Loaded with ingredients, packed with flavor, and healthy as healthy gets. This fully loaded chicken minestrone, or 27 ingredient minestrone as I like to call it, is perfect for those cold, rainy days. Slide your spoon into this soup and try to get a little…Milk is one of the most stable natural emulsions we can find in our pantry. Its ample versatility is only second to what we can do when we break said emulsion. Milk is mainly composed by three elements: protein, fat, and water; how they combine…


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