Hummingbird High’s 2013 Review

Time for my annual lookback, where I review your favorite recipes and my favorite recipes. Ready for it? Here goes:

Readers’ Favorite Recipes of 2013:
That is, these babies are my blog’s most viewed recipes in 2013. YOUR favorites. And it looks like you lot are big chocolate and cake lovers, because all three recipes are for chocolate cake:

1. Yellow Birthday Cake with Chocolate Frosting (for Two!)

I am so glad that this recipe was one of y’all’s favorite recipes of the year — it’s one of my personal favorites too! This beautiful cake is adapted from Miette, a cookbook from one of San Francisco’s most popular bakeries. A golden yellow butter cake topped off with a rich, dark chocolate ganache frosting, Erlend and I finished this cake off between the two of us in just one day. It’s THAT good. Special thanks to Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere for giving this cake some link love too!

2. Chocolate Sour Cream Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

I’m also glad that this recipe made the list; it’s another one of my personal favorites. With a recipe adapted from Philadelphia’s famed Brown Betty Bakery, I’ve never had chocolate buttercream frosting that’s tasted this good. The secret is just a touch of cream cheese blended in. I highly recommend The Brown Betty Cookbook to anybody looking for a collection of some delicious, classic cakes.

3. Flourless Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake

Although I came up with this recipe during a partnership with Frangelico, I really made it for my friend who was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. She couldn’t believe that this cake was flourless — dense and chocolatey, it tasted exactly like a brownie. And when topped with some chocolate hazelnut whipped cream? Nobody could resist it.

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