Golden Cupcakes

Next week, I’ll be heading to New York City to spend Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. I’m pretty excited about this — historically, I’ve spent almost all my Christmases in the Philippines, where my mom and the majority of her family lives. Christmas in the Philippines is a bit different from your usual Christmas. Oh sure, the Christmas music, decoration and spirit is always there, but the weather is almost always in the high 90s (that’s 35+ for you Celsius users), often bordering 100 F/38 C. And to think that’s considered cooler winter weather! My dad almost always scolds me for complaining about the heat, scoffing, "Please. 96(F) isn’t hot."

Whatever, Dad. It also doesn’t help that, for some reason, my parents decided to build a GLASS house in the middle of the freakin’ tropics. Seriously — three out of the four walls of the house are made from floor-to-ceiling glass. A beautiful house in pictures and a great, modern-chic house in theory. But guess what happens in practice? A glass house under a bright, equatorial tropical sky with barely any cloud shade turns into a greenhouse. A greenhouse with no centralized air conditioning. Think about that.

So, yeah — this year, I’m excited to trade in my Christmas sandals and tank tops for a more traditional Christmas. I’ve never been to New York for Christmas before, but almost everybody who has tells me that it’s the city that does Christmas best, especially with real winter weather and a city full of sparkling lights.

In order to celebrate, I thought I’d make some Golden Cupcakes, one of my favorite holiday recipes from my ebook, 12 Days of Christmas Desserts:

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago I released an ebook filled with 12 brand spankin’ new holiday desserts. The best part? The book is available to anybody to download for FREE. You can do so by clicking on the ebook’s cover below:

These Golden Cupcakes are the twelfth recipe in the book. The cupcake is a golden yellow butter cake stuffed with a surprise — a dollop of chocolate hazelnut spread in the center of each cupcake. They are an homage to the Ferrero Rocher chocolate bonbons that my parents used to always get at Christmas time. Because even though I just gave them a lot of crap about the weather in the Philippines, I’ll still miss them this Christmas anyway.
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