Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s post will be short and sweet, since I imagine many of you guys will be either in the kitchen and/or spending much-needed time with your family or friends. In any case, that’s the way it should be.

Since my family isn’t American, I’ve never really celebrated Thanksgiving. I guess Erlend and I have been dating long enough that we’ve started our own traditions, which is that we roast a duck instead of turkey (since neither of us are particularly big fans of the latter). This year, with two additional housemates in tow, we’ve created an Asian-style feast to accompany the duck, including char siu buns, momofuku-style brussels sprouts, and this chocolate and pumpkin pie. And yes, while the chocolate and pumpkin pie is admittedly out of place, I wanted to make one as an homage to a more traditional Thanksgiving. Oh, and because it is delicious.

And of course, this year, I’m thankful for:

Finally finding a home for myself in Portland, OR. And I don’t mean that just in the literal sense (because, yes, I did buy an actual house this year, and my goodness I’m incredibly grateful for that too), but in the greater sense — after three lonely years in three unfamiliar cities, it’s a relief to really, truly know that Portland is where I want to be.

Having an awesome job at a technology company that I believe in, with team members I respect and a boss that I admire, all the while allowing me to afford luxuries like a Canon 5D Mark II, a West Elm dining table and a coat from Pendleton’s Portland Collection.

For my health. A few years ago, I had let my body deteriorate to the point where I couldn’t sit up straight properly and my poor posture was inducing carpal tunnel syndrome at the age of 20. Grim, right? How since then, I’ve biked across the country from New Hampshire to Vancouver, run a countless number of miles on both roads and trails, learned how to climb a 5.10d route with relative ease, and now have the ability to deadlift 225 pounds and clean 75% of my body weight.

Erlend, my boyfriend of four years (which is crazy to think about) — for growing up with me, and for putting up with my shit for as long as he has. For being my best friend.

My mom. For being a such a wonderful role model and how, when I was younger, she taught me so many important things, both major and minor, that pertain to almost all facets of my life. It’s only now that I realize their significance and how these lessons become more and more valuable every day.

My friends — whether here, San Francisco, New York, or London — knowing that I can rely on them no matter where we are or whatever distance separates us. How with technology, they are only ever an email, text or funny gif away. And how, despite only seeing each other once a year (or in the unfortunate case of my British friends, every 3 years), when we meet, it’s as if the time and geography that separates us doesn’t exist. I’m talking about you, Masterson, Julie, Tracy, Dan, Kiron and Nathan.

You and the rest of my readers. For taking the time to visit this site and read about my baking adventures, for your kind comments and your encouragement about this crazy, all-consuming hobby of mine. And, for putting up with my terrible iPhone photos in the beginning.

    Without further ado, the recipe. But first, some baker’s notes:

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