Winter Punch

It’s a bit unclear how it happened, but well over a decade has passed on this site without a punch recipe. Punch, in theory, is a wonderful thing. One of the most communal beverage experiences, everyone ladling from a single bowl, it’s brilliant. A good bowl of punch magnetically draws a party close, becoming the best sort of centerpiece. Pretty, festive, and ready to drink – it’s too bad so many punches go off the rails. It’s also funny that while I have opinions about punch, I never have a great answer when friends ask for a favorite punch recipe. So, I thought it was just the time of year to pull together one I’d be excited to share. I knew I wanted to make a winter punch here, but not holiday per see. Citrusy, with a hint of herbaceousness, avoiding the warming, spicy angle completely. I went for an all-purpose punch – a bowl that could liven up parties, brunches, showers – something that would be suitable to ring in the new year. It would be a punch that wouldn’t wreck the imbiber if he or she happened to go a few sips too far. I imagined it the palest pink (pink grapefruit?), or soft yellow (pomelo?). A little sweet, a little sour, dance on the tongue, light up the eyes…here’s where we landed.

Winter Punch RecipeWinter Punch Recipe

I knew we’d want a couple of big ice floats, so I dug around the pantry for anything that might lend an interesting shape. Enameled metal cake pans did the job brilliantly. I filled two of them 3/4 full and left them in the freezer over night. A quick dunk in a bowl of warm water released them from their molds, no problem.

Winter Punch Recipe

Happy holidays all, and cheers! .+*!~*. xo -h

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